HONDA CR250 – 1996 McGRATH REPLICA $26500


Hope your ready for this script on this beautiful bike cause it’s a long one!!!!


Started life as a very nice T model CR250R, then went on a 3 year parts finding tour…..

Frame matched and painted ( not powder coated ), suspension front and rear rebuilt, engine was running perfect and left alone. Mint twin chamber forks, Billet top clamp, correct bars and grips, Billet hubs with new Dunlop tyres, brand new cloth Renthal bar pad, plastic works front stadium plate, new fuel tank, cone pipe, FMF muffler wrapped in carbon ( but ornamental only) genuine 100% decal kit ( not EBAY cheapy) genuine Throttle Jockey seat cover, ultra rare genuine issue rear sprocket, new chain, fitted with a V-Force 3 reed block, genuine issue frame guards ( which took many years in searching for good luck trying to find any more ahhh) HONDA RACING engine cases, HRC titanium tip rear brake pedal, HRC chain guide, HRC chain case saver, HRC water-pump case protector, detailed swingarm ( hours of polishing ).

This bike was built to replicate “Transworld Magazine” article, what we think was his super-cross bike. Added all of the extra details ( of which were ornamental – not functional ), diagnostics, plug and play, moved CDI up to goose neck on a custom bracket.

A lot of work has gone into making sure every zip tie is located correctly, the right colour , lock-wire + drilled in all the right places and presents as one of the nicest replicas that you will find!

It’s been under a bed-sheet for years and the owner wanted to find someone that’s as crazy as he is, this bike has never had fuel in the tank!!

Expensive YES, but irreplaceable!!!!!!!

Yes we can ship around Australia…. just call us for a quote.