Yes we know road chain lube but this is best for dirt bikes – no residue and clear colour…



Chain Lube Road is a 100% full synthetic, spray on high performance chain lubricant engineered for all chain drive applications. It has exceptional sticking tenacity and is engineered not to fling off the chain. It provides outstanding anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties whilst lowering friction between the chain and sprockets.


Chain Lube Road is engineered for use in all on road and off road machines that use a chain drive system such as motorcycles, Go-Karts, ATVs etc. It can also be used on bicycle chains

Chain Lube Road utilises a heavy synthetic base suspended in a solvent for ease of application. When sprayed, the diluted fluid quickly penetrates the chain links, rollers and sprockets before the solvent evaporates, leaving a strong film of grease-like lubricant within the chain. The lubricant is designed not to be flung off by the fast motion of the chain. It may be used in X, O & Z-ring type chains. Light treatment is highly recommended as part of routine maintenance. As the product is highly adhesive, excessive application should be avoided. The film left behind is clear.

Chain Lube Road can also be used in industrial applications such as lift and drive chains, leaf and roller chains, conveyor system chains and many others. The clear film also makes it ideal for bicycle chains.


1) Clean chain of old lubricant, dirt, mud etc. with Chain Cleaner
2) Apply Chain Lube Road directly from the can to a clean & cool chain
3) Apply a light even coat to the inside of the chain. Avoid excess application
4) Allow solvent to dry and chain is lubricated

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