RTX5L-BS SSB Powersports XR SERIES – Batteries



Technical Data
Part No RTX5L-BS
Volts 12
CCA 195
Reserve Capacity
Length 113mm
Width 68.49mm
Height 106.84mm
Terminal Height 106.84mm
Weight 2.1KG
AH (20hr) 6
Regular Charge 0.6
Max Charge 1.8
Plate Type
Separator Type Absorbed Glass Mat
Usage Starting
Terminal Type
Terminal Assembly

Australia’s Most Powerful AGM Motorcycle Battery Range

  •  Genuine High Performance AGM Battery

  •  Powerful Cranking Power – Up to 50% more
cranking amps than other brands

  •  Dry Cell (Non-spillable) – Don’t be fooled by
cheap imitations that leak and have no power

  •  Extra Long Life

  •  Superior Design & Quality – Manufactured to
Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001

  •  Extreme Vibration Resistant

  •  Can be used on its Side – Completely sealed
and can be used on any angle or side

  •  40 Sizes Covers 97% of Sales – There are
over 250 motorcycle battery sizes sold in
Australia. 40 XR Series AGM batteries cover
97% of the motorcycle range

  •  Suitable for V Twin Motorcycles  – Due to
their high cranking power and tough durable
design, XR Series batteries can be used in
V Twin motorcycles including Harleys

  •  Australia’s Premium AGM Motorcycle

  •  12 Months National Full Replacement

  •  When Failure is not an Option – Use only
SSB PowerSport – XR Series