SUZUKI SEAT COVERS RM125/250/500 – 1983



1983 RM 125/250/500CC Seat Cover

1983 RM 125/250/500 Seat Cover – Blue vinyl with yellow RM on side and SUZUKI on rear. All covers are printed with OEM style logos and made from hard wearing vinyls and double stitched for longer life. If you require different colours or logos please call or email. Please note seat covers shown are for general information only, they are not intended as an accurate representation of the seat.







While every effort will be made to ensure that all items shown are in stock we offer no guarantee of availability and this electronic publication does not constitute an offer for sale. Goods are normally dispatched to us at Xtreme Motorbikes within 30 days, and then an additional time to post to you. However as we make every product specially to order, you may experience a slight delay on these estimates during busy periods. If we are unable to despatch your order within 30 days, we will contact you by e-mail with an estimated despatch date.


Make sure you clean your plastics thoroughly to remove all mold release agents and silicone’s used in the manufacturing process using either aggressive contact/brake cleaner or thinners rubbed lightly over the whole area.


Make sure you use a recognized Petrol/Gas station fuel for your bike. Most Supermarket outlets are now using high proportions of ETHANOL in their fuels. As many of you will know, this ‘Green’ additive can wreck seals, O-rings and cause your plastic tank (if it’s white or yellow) to turn brown. It can also cause your nice shiny new tank decals to fall off/de-laminate due to the volatile nature of the mixture. There are many other types of specialist race fuels out there, so always buy with caution. If you have no other option, then always drain your tank of fuel after riding and remove your petrol/gas cap to help vent the fumes.


We always try to use OEM plastics to pattern our products. However, we realise that in some cases these are difficult to source, and the only option left to riders/restorers is to buy an aftermarket brand. Generally, these are relatively accurate, and our decals should fit adequately well. However, some plastics manufacturers are selling product that is radically different to the original shape. If you find your decals impossible to fit for this reason, then please get in touch as in the majority of cases we will be able to supply the correct decal.


To remain competitive, like the majority of Aftermarket decal manufacturers, we use digital print equipment. Unfortunately, this means that some plastic colours are difficult to match. So, until fluorescent colours are available, we’re stuck with close ‘approximations’ . This is also true for metallic inks, although in some cases we still screen print silver and gold when there is no other alternative.


All kits are expensive due to the very high cost to low production quantities that have plagued our Industry since Hans Maisch was in ‘leder hosen’. So consequently, fitting them can be fraught with angst at the prospect of having your decal ruined by inaccurate positioning. We’ve used this tip for many years, and it has never let us down. Make sure you fit your decals in a warm environment, the pvc will be much more flexible.

  1. Remove the backing from your decal and down the longest dimension cut out a 20mm (3/4″) strip through the middle of the backing paper and discard.
    1. Next accurately replace the two halves of the backing paper back onto the decal leaving the exposed adhesive strip down the centre.
    2. Position the decal onto the plastic carefully aligning it so it is in the correct position. Now make sure the strip of adhesive is pressed into position and you can then lift off one of the remaining halves of backing paper and with complete confidence smooth it into position. Do the same with the remaining half and voila…a perfect finish.


Cancellation and Returns

If you are not satisfied with the goods you have a right to cancel the contract, return the goods within 14 days and receive either a full refund of your monies or replacement goods. Please send an e-mail to us before you return goods, telling us that you are returning the goods and why.

We have been making products (seats and stickers) for the off-road market since 1981 and we occasionally have experienced issues with faulty materials. It is not our intention to supply product that is unsuited to its end use. If you have any issues with the quality or longevity of the product then please email/telephone us and we will endeavour to rectify the problem as quickly as we can.


The colour of goods may vary slightly from that shown on the website due to limitations of browser software and monitors.

Please note that we are unable to print Dayglo colours due to the restrictions of digital print machinery. This also leads to difficulty in duplicating the original plastics colours. Under daylight the colour matches are in most cases satisfactory, while under artificial light they look completely different. As bikes are raced outdoors this normally does not present a problem.

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